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Beacon Interactive

Hashtag Printer Experience

Print live social media photos at your event.

By rethinking a concept as familiar as printing, we’ve created an easy way for Twitter and Instagram users to get their photos. Straight from their phone.

Beacon Interactive prints live social media photos directly at your live event. It’s so simple you can use it without ever having seen it before.

Beacon popularizes hashtags live at your event. It makes your hashtag the buzzword at your event. It’s kind of magical.

How it Works: 3 Steps

A visual guide to Beacon Interactive: Hashtag Printer Station

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Snap A Photo
Post a photo to Instagram or Twitter using a hashtag.
Get Your Print
Head to the Beacon Interactive station where your print will be waiting – Our system automatically knows to print your photo based on your hashtag.
Share and Love Your Print
Receive your print. It’s entirely customized and features your own photo, profile picture, and caption.

Step No. 



Take A Picture Using a Smartphone

Step No. 



Post the Photo Online to Instagram or Twitter.

Step No. 



Pick up the printed copy at the Beacon station in seconds.

Printed Moments From Anywhere

Live, from Twitter and Instagram.

Because it’s automated, the moment anyone posts a photo to Twitter or Instagram, a personalized print is created. Just like that. In 30 seconds.

That’s how we get hundreds of people to share their photos at the same time, over one event.

Go Even Bigger.

It’s crowd-sourced photography. Think about it. You can take photos from the lobby of a theatre. Or from the main stage at a massive concert. Or throughout a city-wide marathon.

Beacon makes it easy for everyone to share, print and participate. All at the same time.

Show Your Colours
Feature your own images, branding, and messages
Picture ThisPlace your photos front and centre, directly from Instagram and Twitter.
Made For You
Adds your username and profile picture to make it yours.
Hashtag Easily
Remind guests about your event hashtag
Save the Date
Remind guests of the day they took their photo


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