learning is an endeavour on its own.

Let’s just assume this: The more we learn, the harder it becomes to learn. Why? Simply put, we risk getting stuck in our ways. A child’s mind is free. Unclouded. There are no social barriers to limit his/her reality. The more we become exposed to society’s norms (and the norms of others) the more rigid our beliefs. We become more aware of the groundrules expected of us. We begin to hear and respond to the mass response. We are tuned in, and absorbed into a total environment. This, is the importance of unlearning. We afford ourselves the privelege to be contentedly unaware. To explore. To pause and learn and to undo the invisible chains – to be conscious of what we learn.

Otherwise, we risk live our lives working for another’s dreams, or regurgitating the automatic words of another. Ever since we’ve outgrown childhood, we have learned to dream what to dream. As a kid, no one stops our thoughts. We want to become amazing things and express ourselves without boundaries. Even now, we celebrate the inner child who hasn’t succumbed. However, we are assimilated into a system that directs our thoughts elsewhere. We broadly call them “norms,” and they are side effects of the momentum in our consensus environments.

history repeats itself.

For better or worse, we are in a system that hopes for the sake of efficiency, to funnel the masses through the same standards. It’s apparent in mainstream education, media, job interviews… And as everything speeds up around us, the tunnel vision doesn’t go away. That part is up to us to see our environments as they are. It’s up to us to take responsibility for our own potential. For the communities we contribute to when we are not constrained by the undercurrents. We are not saying that the progress of society is good or bad, but simply that it is here, and it affects us all.

So we invite you to ask, for the sake of the inner child that never ceases to dream: “why do we do what we do?”

We will always have a path already ahead of us to follow, or we can go where this no path and make a trail for others.

this has been an original written work by Monocle Booth x Looking Glass Productions