you are in on the world’s biggest inside joke.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”


It’s a big no-no to keep jokes and secrets from friends, right? You feel bad when you know your friends know something you don’t. And at the same time, the way it feels to be in on something big is so – fun. You are – right now – part of the world’s biggest inside joke. It’s part club, it’s part myth. And by using a phone or a laptop, or an Ipad you get to be a part of it at any time. You get to be in.

It’s fascinating to be talking in a way that is made of photos and text. You use your fingers to carry what it’s like to feel or laugh at a thing. Your fingers are your words – when you make a post, when you reach out to the world. You can speak using a photo to paint a full idea. The sense of “now” is also a sense of the new.

And you know, it’s the adults who need this explained the most. Kids are in on this speak since it’s part of their day to day. There is a group of younger people who think, see and speak as if they were one. Not in any magic type of way. Through this new connection. That’s just how people talk now. And it will be the way we talk for as long as you can know.

you’re in on it right now.

You feel a great deal of things and think a great deal of things in your day. If you had a chance to share a real slice of your thoughts, it would look more like the way the web looks than a book. You feel a mix of images, and fascinating things, more than just words. For years a picture was worth a thousand words – now, it shows us what’s real.

The myth is that you get a choice to be in or out. You’ve seen a revolution grow out of Twitter  – think, Arab Spring circa 2011 half a decade ago –  and overthrow governments and you wonder, “wow, it’s almost like we can think and see as one.” And it’s sad, because you might be a world away if you’re still thinking that way, as an outsider. Looking from the out, in. As if there’s still a divide to choose from. You wonder if you should talk or share, through a phone. And the world can already fit in your palm. It’s already here. And it’s not new. And everybody is in.

To even say the words “social media,” is to say with a degree of surprise, the word “friendship” – as if it’s still so new to what it means to be human. “Did you know that you can use friendship to grow your business?” You can say it’s a confusion – a sort of a growing pain. You’re already part of it all. There is no difference between social media and real life. Being connected is part of life. It’s so quick and all of this has happened so quickly – that the word “quick” might come with a fear that something is bad since there’s been a rush. That there’s some mystery going on. Maybe our brains aren’t made to understand how we can be so close. Maybe kids have the upper hand since they grew up with it. And still, the world is fast. It doesn’t change the fact that being quick, and being close to others is a side effect of living now.

“For years a picture was worth a thousand words – now it shows us what’s real”

So this myth is really more of an inside joke. Social media? It doesn’t exist. It’s vital and it’s part of the world. It’s a new way. That’s it. And you can feel and touch it using a phone or ipad. It’s just a new way. It gives us more than what we are. It puts us at a level to help us see over old walls. And it’s fascinating to be part of this link. And you really get to see others in the world. You get to live up to what you were taught as a kid – to share. All of social media is not a “thing.” It’s your family, your friends, your favorite ideas, things you love, all of it is closer. And it’s a reminder that it’s all real. And it’s you.

A chat with someone face to face, is no more or less a chat by messaging them on Twitter. “Let’s connect later” is an Instagram request. “I’ll show you something cool” is a Facebook video link. “Hey check this out” is a Snap. Where is the line between social media and simply living your life?

We are, and have been simply closer.


this has been an original written work by Monocle Booth x Looking Glass Productions